Follow up on the 7-Ingredient Seattle Roll

I appreciated the early suggestions on my first video on the 7-Ingredient Seattle Roll!

  • For those of you who don’t go to Asian markets, here is an Amazon shopping list for you to buy the necessary ingredients and tools!
  • The reason that I stir the vinegar and sugar mixture throughout the preparation is that it can take some time (often up to 10 minutes) to get the sugar to dissolve in the vinegar.  I find it easier to stir it a bit and just come back to stir the mixture as I’m preparing the other ingredients.
  • You can download a printable recipe here:

  • For vegan rolls, you can replace the salmon and cream cheese with any number of other ingredients, such as cucumber or takuwan (a pickled preparation of daikon radish).
  • For more traditional sushi, try tuna or yellow tail and add shiso (an Asian plant of the mint variety) as a garnish.

Please keep the suggestions coming!  Thank you!

Author: mpao

Hi there! My name is Marsha Kumi Pao, and I’m a home cook from the Pacific Northwest. Through my videos and blog, I hope to bring you easy, accessible, and tasty recipes that embody my upbringing as a Japanese-American. These recipes are ones that I’ve grown up on and adopted—merging the tastes of my family’s intergenerational and intercultural cuisine

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